Who We Are?

We are a team of extremely passionate & experienced individuals who are here to bring back Real Milk into the market – Fresh, Untouched & Organic!

With our own farm in Tumkur homing 400+ Happy Cows, it allows us to have complete control over the quality & freshness from fodder to table.

Partnering with German tech partner GEA (top 3 in the world) and Israeli consultants has helped us reach international standards in terms of quality of the milk and the cow’s health.

We truly believe that Happy Cows give Happy Milk. Precisely why we create a stress free & green environment in the farm for them.

Our Mission

Our Vision

The most believed, trusted Brand for truly Organic Dairy products in the country. A one stop destination for all the dairy needs. Happy Milk aims at being a goto brand for the consumer.

Why Happy Milk?

Farm Fresh

Ready to Drink

Organic Produce

High in protien

German Technology

Doctor’s choice

No hormones injected


Home-grown organic feed

Meet the team

Mehal Kejriwal


Vivek Kejriwal


Organic Fresh Dairy products home delivered