The concept of Farm Fresh Milk has really picked up in the last few years, especially in metros. So, what exactly is Farm Fresh Milk? And how is it better from regular milk we’ve been having? This post explains this in detail.

Conventionally, all the major brands in milk industry collect milk from various small farmers.

This milk is collected by setting a huge infrastructure of putting up bulk milk chillers at multiple locations where farmers come and sell the milk. Milk from both cow and buffalo are collected at these locations.

The companies then transfer this milk to their processing facilities where milk and milk products are manufactured and sold across the country.


The issues with such mechanism are multi-fold

1. The time it takes for milk to get collected at collection centers, transfer to processing plant, processing and then secondary distribution

We all know that milk has a limited shelf life. More so if it isn’t boiled or pasteurized. In general, raw milk doesn’t last more than 2 days.

The question that arises then is how can these companies finish up this entire process of milk collection, processing and distribution in less than 2 days?

That is where the menace of adulteration seeps in – use of various sorts of preservatives to increase the shelf life of milk.

2. Nutritional requirement of cattle & buffaloes

All of us have seen cows and buffalos roaming on the roads. And what do they eat? Well, garbage most of the time.

Their owners leave them to fend for themselves during the day and milk them in the evening.

The kind of nutrition animal get is directly proportional to the quality and taste of milk.

And this is one area where these milk companies have very limited or no protocols in place. In the end, the customer gets an inferior quality product.

3. Greed

More milk means more money.

This is what drives the farmers to use illegal means to extract more milk.

Oxytocin is one such compound that is injected into cows that makes them give more milk but at great health risks to the animal as well as somebody who consumes such milk. Oxytocin is believed to create hormonal imbalances in humans, especially kids.

4. Animal health, medication and antibiotic milk

Just like us, cows get sick too.

And when they are, antibiotic is given to them to recover from illness.

These antibodies get passed onto milk as well which when consumed regularly, makes the human body resistant to antibiotics. So when you fall ill, higher doses of medication is required.

Treatment of animals by certified veterinarians is critical to their recovery but is hardly followed and doesn’t concern the milk collection companies.

5. Animal Comfort

Have you heard the phrase “Happy Cows, Healthy Milk”? The comfort of animal, cleanliness and hygiene is very critical to the quality of milk.


The concept of Farm Fresh Milk is simple

In theory, it implies that the milk is not collected, but is taken from a farm managed and owned by the same company that sells it.

It gives the business total control over several critical processes like Animal Health & Nutrition, Animal Housing, Medical Care, Milking and Processing. And the milk reaches your doorstep in less than 24 hours.


Why don’t most milk companies do it?

Because running a farm with such parameters is an expensive affair. That’s why Farm Fresh Milk is generally more expensive than the regular collection milk. But that little extra cost is totally justified because the quality you get is far superior. It becomes more critical since milk is something that is consumed by kids and infants.

No matter how many tests you do on the milk, how well you package it or who owns the company, if the milk is collected from multiple points, no tests and parameters can check the quality of above-mentioned issues.

And last but not the least, anyone can say that they are selling “Farm Fresh Milk” but are they actually? Do they own a farm? Where is it? What are the protocols and processes in place for animal health, nutrition and comfort? Ask the guy selling you milk if you can visit the farm and see for yourself.


Happy Milk is one of very few milk brands in South India that produce and sell true Farm Fresh Milk.

With our farm in Tumkur, we are an Integrated Dairy Farming Company that produces and sell milk products which are fresh, pure and comes with a guarantee of zero adulteration.

With vast coverage in Bangalore and Tumkur, you can buy Organic Farm Fresh Milk.

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