The taste and the quality is by far the best I have had in bangalore. It’s my favourite now.

Sangitaa Keswani

I fell in love with happy milk. I and children have discovered the true taste of milk in our country! I think it is advisable to change plastic bottles with glass bottles.

Cristina Olaru

Very nutritious and tastes yummy. For the first time able to set curd very well, and tea tastes super sweet without sugar.

Smita Murarka

Very happy with the product, now kids ask weather it is HAPPY MILK…have it more and more…the consumption of the milk has doubled in the house. Thank you Happy Milk.

Venkatesh Bhooplam A

“I consume only organic products but my search for organic Pasteurized & homogenized milk ended with Happy Milk. One of the best organic milk available in the market. Most of the organic milks available in the market is raw milk which is not good to consume as harmful bacteria exists in the milk. Happy milk is the only organic milk which is Pasteurized & homogenized and from single farm.”


“It is addictive. I never used to have milk and and now I can’t sleep without Happy Milk. What do you add to Happy Milk? Brown Sugar or Nicotine?”

Dhiraj Aggarwal

“Purest form of Milk. Never liked to drink plain milk till date. Happy Milk has changed that conception. Tastes excellent. Cheers n All the best”

Bharat Rajpal

“..a healthy life means a happy life,
..a happy life means a healthy life.
be healthy have happy milk!!”

George Mathew

“Best milk in the world! Ok I’ve only gone through two bottles so far but WOW it’s delicious”

Rohit Chatterjee

“Being extremely sensitive and particular to my intake of products, such as milk, Fruits and Vegetables, Happy Milk has been, a great introduction to my lifestyle.

Light and easy on stomach.

HAPPY to continue with the product!”

Bhavana Bathla

“As I have always been very particular of what quality of Milk I am giving to my Kids. So far, Happy Milk is all that I was waiting for.

I love the taste, Quality and Packaging. It is very rich in Taste, so all my Family members enjoy Happy Milk. And the best thing is we don’t feel the need of adding Sugar or any Powder to it.”

Neha Lunia

“My Kids loved it, and I would be interested in buying it from January 2018.

Thanks for the initiative of Organic Milk.”

Anju Galada

“The Milk is Yummy. I love it with Corn Flakes. My daughter loves it plain from the Bottle.

One can feel the purity and freshness of it.”

Nandini Pherwani
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